Science Fair
Inexpensive E-book

The Phonics Game

Educational Software

Barbor Software - Computer Bible Games
Discount Pricing! Our games will entertain you while your knowledge of the Bible will be challenged (you'll even learn some new things!)

CatEdu math and science educational software.
Math and science software for k-12 or home school students which uses animation to teach the basic sciences (physics, chemistry, math, science).

Flix Productions
Flix Productions, award winning educational software for children of all ages! Download evaluation software (no time limits)for a variety of subjects including Phonics, Typing, Spelling, Arithmetic, Clock and Money Math skills, States and Capitols, Alphabet, Puzzles, Coloring Books and more!

Speed Reading Software
Unleash your reading genius with RocketReader. FREE trial download. Try speed reading and advance in your career and studies today with RocketReader.

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