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Q: Why use our service?

A: Because we do it the right way! True, there may be a few other sites that will do this for you even cheaper, but that’s because they don’t take the time to properly translate your name. Isn’t that what you want before you permanently tattoo or post something stupid on your website.

Let me tell you about an experience that happened to a friend of mine. His name was Jerry Ewing. Jerry wanted to get the Chinese symbols that represented his name tattooed on his arm. So he sent his name to a company that said they would do it for about $5. They did provide him with a Chinese translation of his name and the Chinese symbols to represent that translation. However, they simply translated his name into symbols that sound like the English pronunciation. In Jerry’s case, they translated his name as “Jyr Rui Yu” (pronounced jeer-ray-yu). Since last names in China usually consist of no more than two letters, this company just translated the first syllable of his last name (Yu). They also provided him with the Chinese symbols to represent this translation.

The problem with phonetic translation is that Chinese symbols and words also have meanings. Jerry found this out the hard way when he actually met someone in a bar that spoke Chinese and new the meaning of these symbols. When Jerry showed him his tattoo, the guy started laughing uncontrollably. You see, Jyr Rui Yu means the following:

Jyr = mole
Rui = small
Yu = myself

So Jerry’s tattoo basically said “I am a small mole!”. When he told me about this I decided to do some research and show him what an accurate translation would look like.

So I took his name and looked up the actual meaning. Here is what I found:

Jerry is derived from the German word for “Spear”
Ewing is the ancient Celtic word for “Manly” or “Brave”

So his name actually means something like “Brave Spearman”. So I looked up the Manderin Chinese translation which is “Nan Tz Han Mao” (nan-zee-han-m-ow). This literally translates to “Brave man of the Spear”. I then provided him with the following Chinese symbols which represent the new translation.

Chinese Symbols

If you want to avoid the same problem Jerry had, and you actually want your Chinese translation and symbols to be a true representation of what you name actually means, then please send me your first name. I will research and translate it for $7.95. For this price you will get the following:

1. A translation of the actual meaning of your first name in English
2. A Chinese translation of the actual meaning
3. A jpg image of the Chinese symbols that represent this translation so you can put it on your website, take it the tattoo shop, or whatever.

Since this usually requires 30 minutes to an hour of research, I think the price is very reasonable!

Q: Okay, so what do I do?

A: Just click on the link below and pay the $7.95 with a credit card or e-check. After payment is processed you will be given a receipt. After you print the receipt, just email me your first name and receipt number and I will start working on your translation and send it back to you via email. It usually takes about 2 business days to complete the translation.

If you don’t want to pay online, you can just mail me a check, along with your email address, and I will email the translation to you when it is completed. Mail payment to:

Lyndyco Marketing, Inc.
P.O. Box 295
Sutherland Springs, TX 78161

8 Week Money Back Guarantee!

This service is delivered via email when you pay with a major credit card or online check using our secure third party payment processing partner CLICKBANK.

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